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Foam products have multiple applications in automotive industries. Such as package Trays, HVAC Seals, Acoustic insulation, Engine cover insulators and so on. Parkway foam is keeping provide foam products to auto parts factories in domestic China and over the world.

Foam With Automotive Application

Automotive Foam Application

It's no secret that foam is commonly used within the automotive industry. From car seating to carpet underlay, it plays an important role in both the safety and overall comfort of passengers. However, many may not be aware that its use extends beyond the most obvious range of applications.

In fact, the use of foam in the automotive sector comes in the form of trimming, seats, headrests, acoustic insulation and air conditioning filters. A range of different foam types are used within the industry for a number of purposes. This is largely since foam is one the most universal materials, bringing a wide range of qualities including vibration blocking, sound absorption, and insulation. As such, the most popular types of foam used within modern cars include open and closed cell foam that Parkway Foam can cut to size, foam adhesives and melamine foam, with closed cell foam being the most frequently used.

In modern cars, foam products provides vehicles with more 'mileage' than once previously achieved. This is because foams in general are both durable and incredibly light weight, reducing the overall weight of a car and, in turn, making for greater fuel efficiency and a minimised environmental impact. Recent figures show that suppliers of foam now predict that up to 11.5 kilograms of the material will be substituted into the modern car in order to replace components carrying excess weight.

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