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XPE foam sheet

XPE foam sheet is made from Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), AC foaming agent and other filling materials are uniformly extruded and foamed at high temperature.
  • XPE foam sheet




Rate : 3 to 40
Density(kg/m3) : 33 ± 3 to 300 ± 40
Hardness ( shore C ) :
18 - 70

What is XPE foam sheet ?

XPE is chemically crosslinked PE foam. It is produced in continuous rolls resulting  in a foam  product with uniform, closed cells and smooth skins on both sides. 

It is light weight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong, tough,  resilient and resistant to moisture, many chemicals and temperature extremes.

Compared with non-crosslinked polyethylene foam, it typically offers superior thermal stability and insulating properties plus improved dimensional consistency and stability over a wide range of fabrication methods and end-user's conditions.

XPE foams are used as insulation and sound absorbing materials in a host of container's  designs.

It is easy to work in fabricating and thermoforming. XPE foams are right at home in the building and construction industry where thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound and vibration are critical. 

Indoor or outdoor XLPE foams build success.

XPE foams also used in backpack padding, luggage and similar application are benefiting from a wide array of beautiful colors and variable densities.

Features of XPE foam

XPE has good performance of waterproof, moisture-proof, insulation, buffering, resilience, heat preservation, heat insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, easy processing and molding.


Water Resistant


Good Resilience

shock absorption

Shock Absorption

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance

Sound insulation

Sound Insulation


Anti Aging

Applications of XPE foam sheet

XPE foam case insert

XPE Foam Case Insert


XPE Foldable Camping Mat

XPE foam joint filler roll

XPE Foam Joint Filler Roll

XPE sitting mat

XPE Foam Outdoor Mat


XPE Foam Sleeping Mat

XPE floating mat

XPE Foam Floating Mat

1.Car soft interior:

XPE (chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam) has the characteristics of light weight, moisture resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation.

At present, it has been widely used in the vehicle and ship manufacturing industry. Mainly used as lining decoration of vehicles and ships, cushions, foot pads, truck sleeping pads and other buffer materials and instrument thermal insulation and shock absorption materials.

2.Building materials

XPE has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good waterproof and sound insulation performance, etc. It can be used as sound insulation, shock absorption, heat insulation and anti-seepage material for roofs, walls, foundations, etc.; polyethylene foam is used as the floor underlay , which can greatly reduce the mutual transmission of sound from the upper and lower floors of multi-storey buildings. Its soft texture, aging resistance, impermeability and other properties can also be used to fill the joints of two uneven surfaces. It can also be used as a light-weight structural material for subway tunnels, house walls, and a sealing filling material for joints of doors and windows.

Covering the cured cement with polyethylene foam sheets can prevent the loss of heat and moisture and promote the curing of the cement. The pipe network of the central air conditioner can be managed with polyethylene foam as a thermal insulation material.

3.Thermal insulation field

XPE foam has the characteristics of insulation, heat preservation, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, so it can be used in many equipment with high sealing requirements, used for thermal insulation, anti-corrosion of oil and gas pipelines such as petroleum and chemical industries, and thermal insulation of air conditioners, refrigerators, and cold storages Materials and various adhesive tape items, etc.

4.Sports and leisure

XPE has the characteristics of light texture, low water absorption, good floatability, etc. It is especially suitable for making water sports equipment, such as wakeboards, surfboards, swimming mats, anti-sinking mats, life-saving vests, lifebuoys and other water sports products. It can be used to make fighting protective clothing, boxing gloves, protective caps, sports shoes and camping pads by using its characteristics of absorbing impact energy.

XPE has a smooth surface and different densities, and can be cut, formed, printed, compounded, and pasted. It can be used to make children's intellectual toys, sports cushions and many soft toys.

5.Buffer packaging

XPE has physical properties such as light weight, soft texture, easy separation, molding, and can be made into various shapes, and has functions such as shock absorption and anti-static. It can be used as an anti-static packaging lining material for household appliances, precision instruments, and valuables. , and can also be used as preservative packaging for fruits.


Applicable processing technology

  • Hot press molding: place the baked material in a mold of a certain shape, hot press, and cool to shape.

  • Blister molding: heat the mold, then put the sheet or coil material into the mold, evacuate the air, and cool to shape.

  • Thermal bonding process: The materials of different materials are heated and compounded with IXPE.

  • Punching process: punch the material into the shape required by the customer through hydraulic punching machine, CNC engraving machine, etc.

  • Lamination process: use PE (polyethylene) as the medium to compound different materials with IXPE

  • Embossing process: the IXPE is pressed out of the pattern through the roller

Who we are ?

Parkway Foam is a leading foam production and processing factory, we can provide a variety of foam products, such as EVA foam, PE foam, neoprene foam, EPDM foam and NBR foam.

At the same time, we have advanced processing capabilities to convert foam into the products you need.

What kinds of foam materials we can supply ?

We can supply :EVA foam, PE foam, XPE foam, IXPE foam, CR foam, EPDM foam, Neoprene foam, SBR foam, NBR foam, Micro-cell soft PVC foam. All of them we can supply in sheet and roll.

What's the processing capacity we have ?

1. Cutting - cutting the size as per client’s request

2. Slicing - Slicing the thickness as per client’s request

3. Lamination - hot melt film lamination, flame lamination, and pressure-sensitive adhesive lamination

4. Laser Vibrator - New type cutting machine, can cut the foam drawing without open molds

5. Die cutting - Open molds as per your design then at first, use die cutting machine to produce, it’s quicker than laser vibrator.

6. Compression Molding - Compression molding is a process we utilizes for the manufacturing of three-dimensional molded foam and foam composite parts. It is an ideal process for making parts that have intricate features, require very defined part geometry, have varying wall thicknesses or need to be held to critical dimensional tolerances.

7. Engraving machine - Usually to make tool box insert and packing insert as per client’s requests.

8. Silk-screen printing - Print logos and patterns on the surface of foam products

9. Adhesive backing - Gluing on the surface of the foam with liners. Usually produce foam tapes and other products need to stick on.

Where is our facility located ?

Our factory is located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province. One hour driving to Shanghai Port.

How to get samples ?

Send enquiry to, with your details of the foams need, we will check reply in 24 hours.

As a professional manufacturer of foam, we have professional production equipment, rich production and processing experience, and can meet the needs of customers in different industries.
We are committed to continuously providing excellent products and services to customers worldwide.


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