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EPDM foam sheet

Durable EPDM Foam Sheet Products

Parkway Foam fabricates and distributes high quality EPDM foam for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. EPDM foam is produced as an Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) of EPDM and polyethylene. This interaction is what makes EPDM foam products so versatile. While EPDM foams are compatible with many adhesives and resins, they are generally resistant to moisture, with low absorption. These foams also have a resistance to many solvents, including styrene and most fuels.

EPDM Foam Sheets

EPDM foam is often produced in a lightweight sheet that can be fabricated in a large array of colors. Parkway Foam recommends EPDM foam sheeting for use on exhibit displays. Due to its lightweight nature, EPDM foam can be easily transported or rearranged without the need for equipment to lift and move it. Additionally, the flat EPDM foam sheets are easy to fabricate and resistant to fire due to their self-extinguishing nature.

EPDM Foam Sheet Services and Uses

As a foam products supplier, Parkway Foam manufactures materials for all purposes. EPDM foam has numerous applications in a wide variety of possible projects, both commercial and industrial. With durable yet lightweight EPDM foam, you get a versatile product to assist in laborious projects.

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