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Foam Converting

Slitting(cut thickness)

Slitting machines are ideal for horizontally cutting sheets of sponge rubber from large blocks
of raw material. The roller ensures that consistent pressure is applied in order to achieve tight tolerances regardless of the material used. Slitting is widely considered the most popular method for converting blocks of rubber in sheeting for use end use or for further converting.

Vertical Cutting(cut size)

Vertical cutting is mainly used to cut rectangular foam. Usually, for large-scale orders, the foam is stacked in multiple layers and then cut, which is very efficient, and the edges are very neat and free of burrs.

Oscillating Blade CNC Oscillating Knife (cut shapes)

Oscillating bales(Oscillating Knife), also known as CNC cutting machines are essentially computer-controlled bandsaws with a much smaller blade. Much like bandsaws CNC machines cut vertically,however, the set-up is different. The main benefit in using oscillating blades is that the blade is controlled by a computer which enables it to cut intricate shapes quickly and repeatedly.

Grinder(roller, handle, sleeve)

Grinder machines are typically used to grind down sponge and foam rubber from a sheet
or black into a cylindrical shape. As the grinder is able to apply consistent pressure we can achieve highly accurate measurements, which are maintained across the length of the shape.

Die Cutting

Die cutting machines utilise a hydraulic press in order to accurately cut out 3D shapes. Once set up the machine can consistently cut shapes to the same size.Die cutting is typically used for medium to large production runs as it is able to cut multiple shapes at a time.


Lamination machine will make several different thickness foam sheets through high temperature or glue into one block.The rollers enable us to feed the material through to ensure that the pressure is applied to the whole sheet. This results in an adhesive backing that is able to withstand regular movement and impact.

Products With Foam Converting

IXPE (Irradiation crosslinked polyethylene foam): radiation crosslinked polyethylene foam sheet, this product is extruded polyethylene or modified polyethylene and various fillers, crosslinked by electron accelerator radiation, high temperature foaming to obtain high Molecular foam material has smooth surface, closed cell.

Polyethylene Foam Sheet a closed-cell foam material with a smooth surface, good sealing and water resistance. 

At the same time, it has light weight and good thermal insulation performance.

PE Foam Expansion Joint filler is a semi-rigid, U.V. resistant, high performance closed cell polyethylene foam joint filler in sheet form.
It is suitable for use as an expansion joint filler in concrete, brick, blockwork and isolation joints, where a readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required.

PE Foam Expansion Joint filler is non-tainting and therefore suitable for use in potable water retaining and water excluding structures.

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