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  • What are EVA Sheets? EVA Sheets Manufacturers in China

    What are EVA Sheets? EVA Foam Sheet or EVA Sheet is a substance that entraps on the inside, well-dispersed bubbles/cells. Polymer foams are composed of two phases, in which a blowing agent is used to generate stabilized bubble structures inside the polymer matrix. Figure: Ethylene Vinyl Acet...
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  • APFE 2020,  Booth No.6A163

    APFE 2020, Booth No.6A163

    Global annual event of tape and film — The 16th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film & Functional Film Expo; The 16th Shanghai International Coiling Materials & Die-cutting Expo, will be scheduled for September 28-30,2020 in Shanghai National Exhibition and Conventi...
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