Neoprene Fabrics

As a neoprene supplier, we can provide the following products:

1.Fabric Finishes

Neoprene fabric laminates: fabric finishes are available for lamination on ONE or TWO sides of neoprene. (neoprene rubber sheets can also be purchased without fabric)

2.Nylon Knit

Standard nylon, soft and smooth. Good stretch with a smooth surface.

Nylon knit is used for wet suits, orthopedic braces, bags, fishing waders, clothing, sporting products, outerwear, shoe insoles.

 3.Heavy Duty Nylon Knit

Stronger, more run-resistant nylon. Provides better color coverage over Neoprene.


Bright colors, high quality fabric, excellent for use with silk screening and sublimation printing.

5.Lycra Knit

Strong stretch fabric with surface shine. Used in sport and workout apparel, and carrying bags.

 6.Super Stretch Nylon

Strong, stretchable fabric with textured finish.

 7.Short Loop and High Loop Plush

Soft plush fabric. Economical Velcro compatible fabric (hook compatible) for low repetition uses. Used in medical, sport, and protection gear

 8.Sport Loop

Durable fabric. Economical Velcro compatible (hook compatible) for low repetition uses.

9.Japan OK fabrics

Soft, velvet feel and appearance. Top quality Velcro compatible fabric (hook compatible) with high tear strength.

Used in medical, sport, support, and equestrian accessories


Tough wetsuit reinforcement fabric.

11.Specialty Print Fabrics:


Water Guard Nylon

Water resistant nylon.

Used in both medical and protective cover applications

 Shark Skin, Smooth Skin, and Micro Grid: available in CR100 (100%Neoprene)

12Finished Goods

Cut Parts / Finished Goods

As a rubber sheet supplier, we can provide either cut parts or finished goods manufactured by our overseas factory, saving you on both time and labor costs. 

Post time: Oct-21-2021